Remembering Tulare

by Ed Mersich

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Version 4 of the book measures 7 x 7 in, and has 48 pages.

Note: The purchased book is Version 4, it is latest version of the book. The free downloads offered here are older Version 2. The online views (right side of this page) are of Version 1.
USS Tulare
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Remembering Tulare is a book, which chronicles the history of USS Tulare and her crew. With over a 100 images on 48 pages it covers Tulare's history from her initial construction in 1953 to recycling in 2012. This book brings back memories for crewmembers and shipmates; a great way to pass on our shared experiences and a piece of naval history to family and friends. Hard copies will be availble for purchase via the internet. You may order copies directly from the publisher (link above) or download samples and free eBook/epub versions for phones, handheld devices and tablet computers.
This book has replaced the internet based USS Tulare Website.

11 Oct 2015